Saturday, June 1, 2013

Day 6 - Thursday 6/6/2-13

So continuing my nice, relaxing ride, in nearly complete contrast to my nut-job friend Rob Kisor who is taking a love-lorn, finding-himself, let's-make-this-as-angst-full-as possible ride to Panama (, this nut-job's ride is as nearly angst-less as they come.

Well, that's not totally true. Technically.  I'll do my Rob impression here:  "Oh, Lordy! All my clothes are dirty! What a tribulation!  Now I have to go incredibly far out of my way to find what passes for a laundry in this God-forsaken town of Grand Coulee! And to make matters even more angsty, I have to get change to buy laundry detergent!

Ok, I'm done with the angsty Rob Kisor impression now. Anyhow, after having a peaceful hour doing my dirty laundry, I drove to Osoyoos, BC. A relatively short ride of a hundred or so miles. The Canadians made me wait in the customs office for about 15 minutes while they did a background check on me.  They must have heard that I knew Rob Kisor.

The first thing I did upon arriving at Osoyoos was to buy the beer pictured above at the first pub I came across.  Then a rode through town to get to my motel.  Here's  Lake Osoyoos, which the town basically wraps around. The temperature was about 90F when I took this shot.

I found the motel, which is right on the shore of the lake.  The desk clerk said that I could ride my bike up a ramp and park it right next to my room inside the courtyard.  Cool!

Check out the ramp and hallway:

My big fat-assed bike had about a millimeter to spare on either side. But it is now enjoying its view of the pool.

The Sahara Courtyard Hotel turns out to be a pretty cool place to stay.  Pub just around the corner, on the beach.  All in all, a pretty angst-less day.  Unlike certain other riders I know.

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