Saturday, June 1, 2013

Day 2 - Sunday 6/2/2013

This morning started off with an ok cappucino served up by a woman with a very bad attitude.  Avoid Green River Coffee, in Green River Utah.  Unless you get off on bad attitude.

After the coffee I had a beautiful ride up through Helper, UT and over to Duchesne, UT.  Along the way I took a small side road up into Horse Canyon, where my bike asked me if I would take another picture of it.  So I did.

I got to Duchesne, UT around noon, where the good mormons there served me some very bad, weak mormon coffee, and a decent omelette.

After that it was just 145 miles over to Evanston, WY where I scored a super nice, clean, large room at the Prairie Inn for $45.  Dinner prospects look a bit dim, though, because all the good beer-serving restaurants in Evanston are closed on Sunday.  More mormon influence?  We wonder.

Starvation Reservoir, just north of Duchesne.

UPDATE!  I have have just had the *second* best Burrito Colorado I've ever had.

The first best is another story.

If you are ever in Evanston, you need to go to Don Pedro Family Mexican Restaurant. 

Great. Mexican. Food.


  1. Oops ... sorry hadn't read this post before first comment ... sorry you had bad experience there ...

  2. The lady, a slightly hefty blond woman maybe in her mid-40's has a serious attitude problem. The coffee was only just ok.

    Seriously don't know what her problem was.

  3. not the EMT ... you would describe her more like mid 50s + and I don't think she was blonde .... or hefty but I was kind of out of it also.

  4. Perhaps you should alert your EMT friend that she has a customer relations issue with said chunky blond counter person, um, rhymes with "itch".