Saturday, June 1, 2013

Day 1, Saturday 6/1/2013

I had to hold the bike back this morning, it was so eager to go. About 409 miles later I'm in my $35 room at the Robber's Roost in Green River, UT. There's a great hamburger & beer joint right next door. All the essentials are taken care of.

Unlike my nut-job, whacked-out, angst-ridden friend...  Did I say nut-job? He's certifiable.  Here, check out his self-induced horrowshow road trip:

I met him at 5:30 in the morning one day a few years ago as we were waiting to get on the Port Hardy, BC ferry to go to Prince Rupert.

Tomorrow, somewhere in Wyoming.

Gratuitous picture of a peacock taking a dirt bath at the house yesterday.


  1. Robber's Roost! I featured that joint in a piece I did for USA Today a few years back. Have a cool and groovy trip Doug!

  2. Addendum: I had maybe the best hamburger that I've ever had at Ray's Tavern, right next door here in Green River.

  3. Meant to tell you while in Green River to stop in at the Green River Coffee Co. to tell the proprietor hello from me ... She is one of the EMTs that transported me to Price on 12/21! Oh, well, next time! Happy travels